Thursday, 9 January 2014

The Consumerist Christ

I went in search of a retail mall
And found that rarest thing that excited me
Bought it at a price of demand and
Overjoyed looking at it in my drawing room.
Shape and size I decided, chose a
Colour and content as I wanted
Smelled its fragrance as it pleased my soul and often
Kept it at the palm of my hands as a precious thing!
I harnessed, pampered, protected.
When I saw its colour was changing, I whispered
Poor thing trying to evolve!
When its fragrance was fading, I blamed it on breeze!
What a naive was I
Everything distorted right under my nose!
I cried inconsolably
Alas! A feeling of being cheated was overwhelming me.
As everything changed from what I considered precious and attractive
And brought to my senses
That I have bought an animate being called “man”!